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Nuru Massage/Body2Body Massage


Technique 1: Position 1

You will want to position yourself comfortably on the nuru sheet (fitted sheet or not) so that you can be relaxed and in a position that will provide the most sensitivity (on your stomach). I  will position myself on the back of your thighs, but not placing all my weight down. I can now spread a handful of the nuru gel or pepeelotion on your back and thighs, using some slight palm pressure to provide extreme relaxation. I will massage the muscles into relaxation through direct hand and body contact, applying movement which is most pleasing and comforable to both of us.


Technique 2: Position 2

During this second technique, I will sensually slide my body up and down your body, applying more pressure in some areas as needed. I always focus on those most sensitive spots. I can easily slide down your buttocks and use my  hands to massage into your lower back at the same time in a very slow and sensuous manner.


Technique 3: Position 3

This is one of the most creative of positions, though the others are intriguing as well. In this position I will be giving the massage grips to both sides of your thighs.  With pressure, my entire body will slide up and down on your backside using circular motions or just up and down strokes that will also create loads of pleasure.  I can add my vibrating five finger massage glove to activate particular body regions that may need attention as well.


Technique 4: Position 4

In this position, I will be sitting on your buttocks, but not applying all of my weight. I will use the palm of my hands and fingertips to increase goosebumps along the ears, neck, sides, thighs and specific strokes acroos your back for sexy spine-tingling vibrations.  I will use my legs, feet, arms and breast in circular motions with just enough pressure.


Technique 5: Position 5

This position is one of the hottest and most erotic as it really allows for those erogenous zones to come into contact with each other while relieving stress and tension from this exciting technique.  So you are still face down, and I am able to move up and down your body freely while holding your ankles.  I  can use my buns to star then flip over to use my breast and rest of my body to make it more enticing and sensual.

Technique 6: Position 6

This is yet another enticing, but effective way of massaging your body to remove unwanted stress and anxiety. I will begin this technique by grasping your ankles firmly as you maintain the face down position, lying on your abdomen...then slowly move up and down your thighs, allowing my breasts to glide over your buttocks and within the bends of the knees, as these are both hot erogenous zones that really do stimulate and arouse you fully.

It is a fact that while this move is very explicit, it is also extremely therapeutic due to the parts of the body that are sliding against one another. (For a woman,  breasts are very sensitive and the caressing movements utilized do create chemical signals within the brain that trigger sexual arousal. The same can be said for a male). I can switch up on how much pressure to provide as well, letting it become light and rather seductive, while other times very hard and purposeful. My thighs carry the majority of the weight in this move, so it is easy to provide just the right amount of motion for relaxation and of course, intent pleasure.

Technique 7: Position 7

This position I will take one of your legs in between m own, which forms a scissor like position between our bodies. We can then glide into one another while massaging each other’s bodies with the touch of our own as we definitely feel the excitement and energy slipping from each another.   I  can massage your feet with both hands as the rest of my body slip n slide in between your legs.  Imagine the scissor rhythm of scissors opening and closing. This position closely resembles that. Then I lie on your side, one of my legs still between yours. In this position we are pressed together in very close proximity. I can now glide along the side in this position, with most private of parts rubbing against each another in perfect, erotic unison. 

Technique 8: Position 8

In this position I will be sitting on one of your thighs, all the while holding one of your feet close to my chest area, tightening it and straining to stretch the muscle as I am constantly moving back n forth..(the stretch really flexes the tendons and muscles, holding position for 30 secs).

Technique 9: Position 9

This position provides excellent alleviation for pressure in the lower back and on into the buttocks region.  I will be seated on the massage bed, pressing or leaning on your buttocks. My arms rest lightly on your thighs. I will reach for your ankles, using these as leverage to pull myself over to you or vice versa. This position should be held for at least 30 seconds to reduce muscle strain. It is excellent for relieving muscle tension in the thighs as well.

Technique 10: Position 10

In this final position out of these initial ten, I will lie directly on your back, between your waist and our buttocks, hen I can rotate my body in a way that comes into repetitive contact with your buttocks, gripping you at the waist, massaging this erogenous zone to bring intense pleasure and tingling sensation felt all over....,My thumbs are used to press and massage deeply in this region. This is another therapeutic move and will help the muscles to fully relax.

Satisfied and Relaxed

In the end you should be intimately aroused and totally relaxed, reveling in the feelings intentionally provoked. This is an excellent therapy for intimacy and stress relief, as has been being stressed throughout this body of work. While there is no precise way of performing the Nuru massage, these techniques are simply creative starters to help you begin enjoying the sensations. There is nothing carved in stone here.